Lunch on the Go!

Packing your lunch and snacks from home is one of the easiest ways to avoid unhealthy temptations at work, but how do you stick to a healthy diet when you have to eat on the go? There are plenty of healthy options that can be chosen from fast food restaurants such as salads, wraps and grilled chicken but many of us struggle with the temptations of fries, deep fried foods and readily available sweets, and would rather avoid going through a drive-thru. Luckily, a drive-thru is not the only way we can get a quick bite to eat. Check out some of these alternatives the next time you’re eating on the go.

Vending Machine

Grocery Store:

More and more grocery stores are now equipped with healthy salad bars and grab-n-go meals. The other day I saw that our local HyVee had a turkey wrap, apple and Greek yogurt as a to-go lunch meal. You can also quickly grab a piece of fruit and a protein pack (cheese, nuts and meat like the ones shown here) or an individual container of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. Watch out for the deli bar, where tempting potato salads, fried chicken and desserts can be found.

Hospital Cafeteria:

It’s quick and more likely to offer healthier selections than what you would find at McDonalds or Taco Bell. Repulsive hospital food is a thing of the past. Today, hospitals pride themselves in their food service departments and often offer cuisine similar to those of sit-down restaurants. You can easily pair together a healthy soup and salad combination or take advantage of the healthy menu item of the day which may include chicken or fish with roasted or steamed veggies.

Gas Station:

I hold true to my advice that you shouldn’t buy your food where you get your gas, but sometimes you are left with no other resort, especially if you have to travel often for work. Rather than picking the bagel sandwich or slice of pizza, opt for a protein bar or protein shake. When selecting a protein bar, go for the one with the less added sugar. Many gas stations also offer fresh cut fruit or raw veggies with ranch as healthier side options.

Vending Machine:

If you’re stuck in a situation where the vending machine is your only option, go for the selection that offers the most protein. These items would typically be nuts, trail mix or beef jerky. Foods that include protein are more likely to keep your fuller longer and less likely to cause a blood sugar/insulin spike like chips, pretzels or chocolate would. When it comes to beverage selections, water is always your best option and if you prefer a sweetened beverage, try to choose the options that are sweetened with stevia/truvia such as Sobe Lifewater Zero or use a packet of Crystal Light Pure to sweeten up your bottle of water.

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