Figge’s Summer Trends: Workouts

With a new season comes new trends! The past two weeks I introduced you to some fun gadgets and ideas to get you and your family off the couch and into the yard for some outdoor fun, as well as the latest in tips to improve your diet. This week I’m going over some of the latest approaches to amp up your workout!

Figge's Summer Trends- Outdoor Fun

Express Workouts. Why work out for 60 minutes when you can possibly get better results with just 20 minutes or less? Workouts that are 30 minutes or shorter are all the rage and who wouldn’t want a quick workout and more time to spend outdoors this summer? These programs can include HIIT, Crossfit and cardio-strength that can be easily viewed through medians such as On Demand. In fact, P90X reformatted their workouts to be 30 minutes long versus their previous 60 minute workouts. The concern with chronic HIIT is that it can be quite taxing on your body. Generally, you shouldn’t perform these high intensity workouts more than 3x per week and you should be allowing your body proper rest between workouts. I highly recommend performing HIIT under supervision whether it is your Crossfit coach or an established program.

Back to the Basics. The ACSM predicted that body weight training would be the leading fitness trend of 2015. Body weight exercises can include movements like lunges, squats, planks, push-ups and burpees. These are some of my favorite exercises because not only do they target multiple muscle groups, you don’t need equipment to perform them. Not only do these exercises provide good strength-training, they can also be programmed as part of a cardio workout too! Don’t believe me? Try performing 20 walking lunges followed by 10 burpees. Repeat that 3x and see how high your heart rate is!

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