Ask a Dietitian RECAP

Last week nearly 100 people attended our “Ask a Dietitian” panel discussion! There were a lot of great questions and conversations. In case you missed it (or would like a recap), we wanted to share our top 5 takeaways.

1. Try the plate method. Fill your plate halfway with vegetables, a quarter with a protein, and a quarter with starch or grains.  Be mindful not to over indulge in starchy vegetables such as corn or potatoes.
plate method
Photo from Living with Diabetes

2. Try these 2 time-saving products.
Ziploc ‘n Steam or any type of steamer bags
steamer bags
Reynold’s Slow Cooker Liners
or any type of slow cooker liners
slow cooker liners

3. Stop county calories! Calorie counting isn’t always a good method to ensure proper nutrition. You can meet your calorie count with junk food or with whole foods, but your body will process them in a completely different way.

4. Eat what is in season. Eating produce that is in season will save you money and ensure a better product.

What's in season chart  Download the PDF >>> Illinois…What’s In Season

5. Eat what Mother Earth gave you. We live in a world where we have access to cheap, chemical-filled foods. Your body is not meant to break down all of those artificial properties. Skip the chips and cookies—focus on whole foods naturally found on Earth such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.

Be sure to check our Doctor Is In web page for the slide show and video of the presentation next week!

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